Calgary's top spot for unforgettable kids' birthday parties

by Daniel Reid
June 2024


Birthday parties often follow a predictable script: cake, balloons, piles of presents and that one kid who gets a little crazy after eating too much sugar.


Ready to mix things up for your one-of-a-kind child? For a birthday bash as unique as they are, take the celebration to Flying Squirrel Indoor Trampoline Park in South Calgary. Here, they can bounce, climb, and swing their way to an unforgettable day of birthday fun with the besties.


A world of fun activities

Flying Squirrel isn’t just any trampoline park: it’s actually the world’s biggest (and best, in our humble opinion). It’s a fun zone equipped with activities that cater to children of all ages and interests, from vast areas of interconnected trampolines to rope swings and dodgeball courts. Beyond bouncing, kids can challenge themselves on ninja courses, soar into foam pits, or slam dunk in the basketball lanes. The variety of activities ensures that every guest finds something exciting to do, keeping the energy high and the smiles wide throughout the birthday party in Calgary.


Safe and supervised environment

At Flying Squirrel, safety is as integral to the fun as the trampolines themselves. We adhere to rigorous safety standards, offer top-of-the-line equipment and employ attentive staff trained to ensure everyone’s safety at all times. This means less worrying for parents and more laughing and playing for the kids. Parents can kick back and enjoy the birthday party in Calgary as much as their little ones, confident in the knowledge that every birthday bounce is under the watchful eyes of our safety experts.


A party package that packs a punch

We offer one awesome birthday party package designed to deliver maximum fun with minimum fuss. This all-in-one package includes jump time for up to 10 guests (including the guest of honour), a private birthday party room, two large pizzas, bottles of water, and a dedicated host to guide your festivities. We also go the extra mile to ensure the day is extra special for the extra special birthday kid: they get a birthday crown, a customized birthday sign and we give them the celebrity treatment with a special shout-out over the facility PA system.


No mess, no stress

One of the biggest advantages of hosting a birthday party at Flying Squirrel in South Calgary is the hassle-free experience for parents. From setup to cleanup, the Flying Squirrel team handles everything. Parents can skip the post-party clean-up and the stress of entertaining at home, making it easier to focus on enjoying the special day with their child. The staff’s dedication to ensuring a smooth and enjoyable experience removes the typical logistical burdens and lets you be present in the moment, capturing the joyous memories.


A hit with kids

The ultimate test of any birthday party is how much the kids enjoy it. Flying Squirrel consistently ranks as a favourite among children for the fun and freedom it offers. Kids love the feeling of flying through the air, the thrill of trying new activities, and the opportunity to play with friends in a dynamic environment. The excitement of a party at Flying Squirrel in South Calgary makes it a memorable event that kids talk about long after the day is over.


When it comes to celebrating a child's birthday, the venue can make all the difference. Parents want a place that is fun, engaging, and memorable for their children and their friends. Flying Squirrel in South Calgary ticks all these boxes and more, making it the ideal spot for an unforgettable kids' birthday party.


Flying Squirrel Trampoline Park is a Family Fun Center in South Calgary Alberta with plenty of activities and attractions for all ages! We have child friendly areas, and safety is our top priority!