Flying Squirrel South Calgary: The world's largest indoor trampoline park

by Daniel Reid
April 2024


Is bigger always better? Certainly not. You probably don’t want a bigger scratch on your car, a bigger patch of prickly weeds spreading across your front lawn or a bigger power outage in your community.


But when it comes to indoor trampoline fun parks, the scale tips dramatically in favour of the grand and expansive.


If you're on the hunt for an indoor trampoline park that doesn't just meet the standard but sets it, look no further than Flying Squirrel. This isn't just any indoor trampoline park; it's recognized as the biggest indoor trampoline fun park in the world.


What makes Flying Squirrel so special (aside from the size)? Here are some of the attractions that keep people young and old coming back to bounce, climb, swing and play.


Freestyle Courts and the Performance Trampoline Court


These areas serve as the backbone of Flying Squirrel, offering a sprawling canvas for guests to bounce, flip and fly through the air with the greatest of ease.


Extreme Traverse Climb


More than just a climb, this bouldering wall challenges visitors of all skill levels to navigate its diverse routes. Beneath, a foam pit waits to catch climbers with a cushioned embrace, making every attempt a blend of thrill and security.


Aerial Silks


This attraction combines the thrill of acrobatics with the beauty of dance, offering a unique way to express yourself while getting an amazing workout. The soft landing mats below ensure that your aerial adventures always end on a safe note.


Rope Swing


Capture the exhilaration of swinging through the air with our Rope Swing attraction. This thrilling experience lets you launch from a platform and swing freely, feeling the wind rush past as you soar. It’s a moment of pure joy and adrenaline.


Dodge Ball Court


Transforming a traditional game into a buoyant battle of agility, the Dodge Ball Court at Flying Squirrel adds an airborne twist to dodging, ducking, and diving.




This feature pits opponents against each other on a narrow beam, above a foam pit ready to catch any fall. It’s an engaging way to test balance and combat skills in a light-hearted duel.


Dunk Hoops


Basketball dreams take flight here, where trampolines provide the lift needed to execute spectacular dunks. It’s a dynamic fusion of sport and spectacle, offering everyone a chance to shine in the spotlight.


Flying Squirrel, the world’s largest indoor trampoline fun park, in south Calgary is more than a place to jump; it’s a destination for adventure, competition, and fun.


Whether you’re scaling the heights of our climbing wall, soaring through the air on our aerial silks, or engaging in a spirited game of dodgeball, every visit promises new challenges and exhilarating experiences.


Come fly with us and see how high you can soar!


Flying Squirrel Trampoline Park is a Family Fun Center in South Calgary Alberta with plenty of activities and attractions for all ages! We have child friendly areas, and safety is our top priority!