3 fun ideas for unforgettable dates in Calgary

by Daniel Reid
March 2024


Whether it’s a first date or date night, Flying Squirrel in south Calgary is a great place to have fun and forge a meaningful connection with someone special.

In a city brimming with potential for romantic dates, why settle for a typical dinner-and-a-movie when you can do something truly unique and special?

Here are 3 fun date ideas at Flying Squirrel in south Calgary:


Calgary date idea 1: The litmus test


Unlike a traditional movie date, at Flying Squirrel you're not confined to a table or a seat; instead, you can engage in a dynamic and interactive activity such as jumping together on the airbag trampoline launch lanes and playfully jousting on the battlebeam (and we do emphasize the word ‘playfully’...you don’t want this to be your last date, do you?)


You also have a chance to learn about each other in the process.


Is your date the adventurous type? Are they willing to try new things and embrace new experiences, like attempting a slam dunk on the dunk hoops? Or do they feel more comfortable with their feet planted firmly on the ground with a drink in hand in the cafe?


What you discover about your partner at Flying Squirrel will offer some insight into what type of rodent they are in regular life.


Calgary date idea 2: Good for your heart


Flying Squirrel and romantic connections have something in common: they’re both great for your heart.


That’s because jumping on trampolines isn't just entertaining; it's a fantastic cardiovascular workout, offering you a chance to share a fun and healthy activity that keeps you active while reveling in each other's company.

It's a date night that will leave you feeling invigorated, connected, and perhaps a bit surprised at how much fun exercising together can be.

Who said fitness dates had to be all about deadlifts, squats and achieving new personal records?

Calgary date idea 3: Date under neon lights


Why limit your date night to the ordinary when you can turn it into an extraordinary neon-infused extravaganza? Every Friday and Saturday night from 9 to 11 pm, Flying Squirrel transforms into the hottest all-ages spot in Calgary. A live DJ cranks up the tunes, lasers dance in the air, black lights add a vibrant glow, and strobes set the stage for an electrifying experience.


Why would you take your date to a regular dance club when you could immerse yourselves in a neon wonderland with trampolines? That wasn’t a rhetorical question. We’re truly wondering. Why? Why would you do that?


Ditch the mundane and embrace the extraordinary with these three fun date ideas at Flying Squirrel in south Calgary. Whether you're breaking the ice, getting fit together, or basking in the glow of neon lights, Flying Squirrel ensures that your date nights are anything but ordinary.


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