4380 Wellington St South London,

Ontario N6E 3A2

Opening Date: We are scheduled to open Spring of 2018, dependent on construction. We are crossing our fingers to open as soon as possible but we do not have a set date at this time. Please keep checking the Facebook page as we will be updating this periodically throughout construction.


Employment:   Please feel free to go to our website and fill out our employment application! You will be added to our contact list as we begin the hiring process. As we get closer to opening we will begin contacting qualified applicants for interviews.  Please keep checking the Facebook page as we will be updating this periodically throughout construction.

Employment Application Click Here

Booking Parties and Party Pricing: We will start to book parties as we get closer to our opening date! We will update our Facebook page with our grand opening date and when we will begin booking birthday parties. As we are still working on our pricing and what offered at the London location, you can look up another location in Canada to see their party packages and pricing. The pricing for the London location will be similar. Our party packages can be found under the pricing section once you have selected the location.


Charity/Donations: We do have interest in donating but unfortunately, we can’t do any donations until our point of sale system is up and running. If you have any other auctions/events happening in the future, please reach out once we are officially open as we would love to be involved.


Gift Certificates: We are now selling gift certificates on our website! Please go to and click on the amount of the gift certificate you would like to buy, add it to your cart and checkout! They will be emailed to you and you can print them out! Please let us know if you have any questions. Please feel free to go to the Hamilton website to look at their pricing as London will be similar. Thank you!!


Marketing: Please email our marketing director Chandler Taylor. He will analyze the information and determine if this fits our marketing needs.


Please feel free to visit our Frequently Asked Questions on our website if your questions have not been answered. Thank you!



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