Take team bonding to new heights: Unique corporate team activities in Calgary

by Daniel Reid
February 2024

Sometimes pizza parties just don’t cut it.


Does your team seem a little…down or unmotivated lately? Maybe they’re congregating a little less in the lunch room or have stopped turning on their cameras in your Zoom meetings. Maybe you’re no longer on the inside of the inside jokes.


A corporate outing full of fun team-building activities (and we do emphasize the word “fun”) in Calgary could be the solution.


Here are four reasons to book some time at Flying Squirrel in north Calgary for your next team-bonding event:

  1. Enhance team decision making under pressure: Nothing prepares you for getting grilled by your board of directors quite like evading a speeding ball on the dodgeball court. Dodgeball is an ideal corporate team activity because it helps develop your focus and concentration under pressure, simulating the dynamic and high-pressure environment you might also experience at work. Perfecting these skills — such as dealing with unexpected challenges like dodging errant throws from a teammate (thanks, Jerrod) — not only guarantees success in the game but also prepares you for workplace scenarios demanding quick responses and seamless collaboration.
  2. Relieve stress: Work can be stressful. Being an adult, in general, can be stressful. Do you know who has it figured out? Kids. Most of these little people walk around without a care in the world. Let’s dissect this a little further. What do kids love? Aside from crustless sandwiches, Pokemon and trying to convince their parents it’s not bedtime? Trampoline parks! The concerns of the office are guaranteed to melt away when you’re playing on the Airbag Trampoline Launch Lanes and bouncing to your heart’s content on the Freestyle Courts.
  3. Build leadership skills: You’re not going to get your team to the top of the Extreme Traverse Climb by accident. It will take careful planning (and probably a little upper body strength, to be perfectly honest!) Workplace leaders will be born under neon lights, helping to guide their team through challenges, ensuring everyone's safety and successful completion of the task. 
  4. Improve employee retention: Let’s face it. Hiring isn’t fun. If you have good employees, you probably want to keep them. Studies have shown that the best way to keep workers happy, and to encourage them to remain at their jobs over the long term, is to help them develop healthy and positive relationships with their co-workers. At Flying Squirrel, you’ll have a chance to unwind, have some fun with your co-workers (soon to be known as work friends) and soar like a tiny gliding rodent, relieving stress and helping to develop deeper bonds between workers. Plus: Who would want to quit a job that has this kind of fun?


When it comes to taking team bonding to new heights, Flying Squirrel in north Calgary offers unique and exciting corporate team activities. Beyond lunchroom pizza parties and stuffy staff dinners, our indoor trampoline park provides a refreshing change to boost team morale and collaboration. From enhancing decision-making skills under pressure on the dodgeball court to developing leadership skills during the Extreme Traverse Climb, our activities are designed to be both challenging and enjoyable.


Invest in unique and enjoyable corporate team activities at Flying Squirrel in north Calgary. Book a party or a corporate event today.


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