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    Freestyle Court

    You’ll never feel more and alive when jumping around on our freestyle court. Wall-to-wall trampolines, jump boxes and a half pipe spine provide hours of heart-pounding excitement.You won’t even realize you’re getting an incredible workout.

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    Dunk Hoops

    We won’t judge anyone who starts pretending to be Michael Jordan on these courts – it’s easy to feel like a superstar when dunking is this much fun! VIP and private rentals are available, so take your next party to the hoops!

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    If you can dodge a wrench, you can dodge a ball, right? Well...we’re not going to be throwing any wrenches at anyone anytime soon, but our wall-to-wall trampoline dodgeball courts will take your game to the next level, and possibly out of this atmosphere! Challenge your friends, create a team, or rent out one of our private dodgeball areas for your next party or event.

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    Olympic Trampolines

    Our Olympic sized trampolines are an amazing way to get big air. Stacked three deep you will be able to do tricks that the pros will envy. Come try them out for yourself!

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    Super Trampoline

    The 14' x 14' Super Trampoline is the most amazing trampoline in the world. Designed for elite gymnasts, acrobats, and athletes, the Super Trampoline provides almost 200 square feet of surface area for twists, flips, and rotations.Get big air like never before!

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    Laser Maze

    Mission Impossible has nothing on you once you enter this maze. Step into a room filled with webbed lasers from top to bottom, and navigate your way through without tripping into one of them. This heart-pounding, suspenseful maze will get your adrenaline going, and use your secret agent skills.

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    Neon Lights

    Every Friday & Saturday night the lights go down and the music is turned up! Imagine a club with no gravity combined with lasers, black lights, strobes and fog machines! Bounce to the beat of our resident DJ as he spins the latest tracks making our universe the place to be. Your heart will beat with excitement to experience a night at Neon Lights.

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    Dre Bar & Cafe'

    We've got the best fare around for all of your flying squirrels! The Drey Bar & Cafe' will keep everyone in your group happy, energized, and ready to jump. All our food is made fresh to order in-house.

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    V.I.P. Courts

    Full access to your very own dodgeball court, foam pit, slackline, and slam dunk court awaits you with our incredible VIP package. Plus, you still get full access to the rest of our facilities for a full day of fun. We’ll even give you your very own VIP host to keep the party rolling, and a dodgeball referee to keep your games under control. Ready? Dodgeball!

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    Arcade Area

    At Flying Squirrel you will be absolutely amazed by the lights, sights, and sounds of our incredible arcade paradise! Whether you are looking to play our arcade games for a challenge, a prize, or a smile on your face, you'll be impressed that we simply have it all.

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    Ready to walk the line? In this freestyle tightrope, your adrenaline is sure to be pumping. Watch your step, and test out your slack line freestyle skills!

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    Kiddie Court

    We have built a special place just for your little ones. They will be safe and sound and we have set up a Mom & Dad area right next to the court. Enjoy!

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    Fitness Classes

    Come join us for our insanely efficient, calorie shredding TrampoLEAN classes! Our professional instructors will lead you on a vigorous workout that’s guaranteed to put you in shape and certainly make you smile. Jump your way to a fitter leaner you!

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    Special Needs

    Two times a month we open Flying Squirrel to our guests with special needs.For only $8.00 per hour, come enjoy the whole facility and treat your special someone to a time they won’t soon forget.

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    Ninja Course

    Feeling…sneaky? Stealthy? Agile? Our ninja course is for you! See if you can maneuver your way through the spider walls and obstacles. Throw in a couple ‘hi-yas!’ for good measure. It helps.

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    Rope Swings

    Unleash your inner Tarzan! Swing over one of our giant foam pits on our rope swing. Bonus points if you pound your chest while doing it.

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    Fidget Ladder

    Try your best to climb the most difficult ladder in existence. Your friends will be cheering you on as you drop into the pit!

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    Kiddie Hoops

    Your little ones can now dunk like the pros with their very own dunk hoops net. Tucked away in the Kiddie Court area it’s a perfect place for them to hone their amazing skills.

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    Kiddie Foam Pit

    Don’t like the idea of having the little guys jumping in the foam pit with the big kids? No need to worry with your very own Kiddie Foam Pit set aside just for you.

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    Climbing Walls

    Always wanted to try rock climbing? Here is your perfect opportunity to learn. If you are a hardcore climber you will also find plenty of challenging routes to hone your skills. We’ve taken indoor climbing to the next level with glow in the dark climbing! Join us for a great afternoon of climbing. On belay

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    Airbag Launch Lanes

    Everyone in the launch lanes! If you’re new to the world of jumping, or just want a safe space to practice your sweet aerial moves, the airbag launch lanes are the place to be for soft landings.

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    Battle Beam

    Grab your friends and one of our jousting bars and try your best to stay on the Battle Beam. You will have hours of fun knocking your buddies off the beam as you reign champion of the beam. Set up your own Beam Team and challenge your friends to an epic battle.

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    Stunt Jump

    Does the thrill of jumping off a ledge entice you? We have the perfect opportunity for you to explore that thrill. Come jump off our ledge into a perfectly safe airbag that will give you the thrill without the risk

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    Parkour Park

    Have you ever wanted to run with the big dogs? Learn to scale and jump all over our parkour park built just for training. You will be amazed at the different options available to train on.

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