Flying Squirrel North Calgary has just just teamed up with PLAY VR to bring you the latest breaking hits that the Virtual Reality world has to offer.  Jam out to the best hits on Beat Saber or live out your dreams as a professional boxer without the pain in CREED.


1. How long is the duration of each game & can you play longer?

Games range in time anywhere between 10 mins to an hour. All games can be played longer or a player can play multiple games. This would result in more time having to be purchased and staff having to launch each game.

2. Can you save your games & come back

Currently not available at this time; however, this will be coming out sometime in Q4

3. What are some examples of the games

Please refer to the videos above for some of our current games.

4. How many players can play at once during a multiplayer game?

Multi-player games are available for 2 – 4 players

5. Are advanced bookings required? When do you recommend advanced booking?

Advanced bookings are not required; however, we do recommend advanced bookings for birthday parties, larger groups and if someone would prefer a set time so they do not have to wait.

6. How do we book in advance?

Appointments can be booked in advance using our online booking system

7. Is it Open To All Ages?

VR can be enjoyed by anyone between the ages of 5-70 as long as they are not prone to seizures or motion sickness

8. Are Waivers Required?

Absolutely, anyone under the age of 18 years old must have a waiver completed by their legal guardian. If you completed a waiver for the trampoline park, you're not required to complete another waiver.


$10 10 Minutes

$18 30 Minutes

$30 1 Hour

Operating Hours

Sunday - 10AM to 9PM
Monday - 10AM to 9PM
Tuesday - 2PM to 9PM
Wednesday - 2PM to 9PM
Thursday - 2PM to 9PM
Friday - 2PM to 10PM
Saturday - 10AM to 10PM

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